It happens to us all at some time in our lives. We feel like we are not good enough and don’t deserve good things to happen to us. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy that feeds itself, a negative results spiral that makes you right. But seriously, do you want to be right about thinking you are not good enough?

You are good enough, and it is when you choose to notice you are good enough that things will change for you. Why do you measure yourself against other people anyway? You never truly know another persons journey, where they have been, what they went through, and the daily hurdles they have. We portray an image of us, somebody we want others to see, but it is never the whole person. It is a snapshot, and that is all, we are in reality, so much more.

I had a client this morning from Perth who struggles with weight just as I have and many of you do too. She is a carer and a nurturer, an amazing woman who is a high achiever BUT because she struggles with her weight she thinks she is not good enough. She does not see that she is incredible at her job and as a team leader and trainer, that she is an awesome mother who has raised well rounded genuine kids, that she manages a home and is a fabulous supportive wife, that she runs a side business and helps her husband with his. She has not noticed that she has super powers that are untapped. Instead, she sees that she is overweight and thinks she is not good enough.

I have worked with many people like this, men and women. You are good enough, the more you do what you need to do and practice the hard stuff, the better you become. This week she has a plan to begin meditation, it will be a 7 minute guided meditation which I will custom design for her. We know the benefits of meditation but most of us forget because we think we are too busy. As well, to create a new habit, she will text me every day when she puts herself first and does something nice for herself. Something that fills her tank so she feels like she deserves good things and will become more empowered to accept them.

In summary, be aware of your narrative, you have the power to change it so if it is not a good one, I suggest you do change it.