We flew in from Dunedin this morning after attending my daughters graduation from Otago University. After the graduation ceremony on Saturday night she looked at me and said, “Well, we didn’t know if I’d actually make it did we mum.”

We laughed about the numerous times she wanted to drop out when things got tough, when she failed exams, when she was sick and living away from home in a freezing cold climate and of course when she was home sick. At times, to her it was too hard and I had to be her cheerleader. But my point is, she pushed through, soldiered on, hung in there and is so pleased now that she did.

It’s great to have a cheerleader, that person you can complain to, whinge to, lean on and cry to (and in our case cry with). Cheerleaders help us to ‘dig in’ when things get tough but we also need to learn to be our own cheerleader, especially with the day to day actions that create traction. Each day we have to ‘ra ra’ ourself to take a step and do something that will lead us closer to our dream. It’s not always easy and unfortunately we assume it will be, so when things get tough we often give up.

So what could you do today? What one action could you take today that will lead you to what you really want in life? Could you head out for a run strait after work to improve your health and fitness? Should you make a few client calls and improve your business? Is it time you joined a dating site to meet someone? Do you need to have a talk with someone, deal with an issue or quit your job? What ever it is, why not take one step today?

End result, it will put you that much closer and your future self will thank you for it.