It is vitally important that you do something everyday that is just for you. I speak with clients daily that are frustrated and stressed and with a little more me time, those feelings will be massively reduced.


Because it fills our cup back up with the energy we give to others. Many of us in our roles as employees, employers, entrepreneurs, partners, friends, siblings, carers and so much more are constantly giving to others. We get so caught up with life that we soon forget the importance of giving to ourself. When you do something for you that you love to do, it is a reminder to yourself that you are important and worthy of self love. It also re-energises your brain which will leave you more productive and happier.


Anything that you love to do. I have clients that love a bath with soft music and a candle or a simple cup of tea with a good book. Others love to catch up with a friend and have a coffee. Some play golf or another sport, some go to the movies or watch a movie at home with their family. Personally I love to get outside and exercise or a relaxing wine on my deck overlooking the river.


If you are a busy person I would recommend that it goes into your diary as a daily reminder. With the technology that we have available, it is very easy to set up a reminder as a prompt on your phone or computer. If you are visual there is always the old school star chart (which still works well, by the way). And if accountability is your thing, get someone to check in with you to ensure that you are prioritising you.

Lastly, if you skip a day, all is still good. You can start again tomorrow, just be sure you don’t skip too many days too often or else you will end up frustrated and stressed, lose your smile and be left wondering what life is

all about.