Are you not where you thought you would be by now? Are you often comparing yourself with others with the internal dialogue of, ‘Well at least I have…’ or something similar all the time holding a private resentment?

You have ideas you don’t follow up on, and you know that you could be doing something with your spare time, with the equity in your current property, with your body, with your lack of love yet you don’t.

You are not alone, I hear this often and work with people who have the best intentions yet do nothing. It’s as if there is an invisible handbrake that wrenches on the minute they walk in the door at home.

Ways to overcome the invisible handbrake?

Allocate an hour and write down what would be achievable for you in 12 months from today with just one area in your life, the thing that frustrates you the most. The minute you write it down, the sooner your brain seeks to make it come true. Then write 5 things you need to do to achieve it, lets call this your top five, there might be 20 things you need to do but just write 5. From there just choose 1 and take action within the next week. Just do that one thing, once you’ve done it remember how it feels. Was it easy, rewarding or really just a reminder of how simple things really are when you take small steps.

Put the list somewhere you will see it daily, on the fridge or on the bathroom mirror and once you’ve done one thing on the list, choose another and do that. Imagine how great it will feel when you do all five. When your top five list is completed, do it all over again and watch your life change for the better.