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Entertaining, Engaging and Refreshing

For an entertaining, engaging, refreshing and practical approach to people understanding themselves and those around them.

My  signature keynotes are enlightening, humorous and topics for any audience.

Speaker Topics

The Personality Puzzle

Have fun deconstructing you, your friends, your colleagues and your customers.

Do you ever wonder why there are some people who you hit it off with strait away and then others you find irritating?

It’s not you, you are perfect right? That means it has to be them.

Learn how to understand your personality traits and recognise the traits of others to improve communication in every relationship both at work and at home.

Hilary Saxton

Embracing Change

Because nobody likes dinosaurs.

Change is inevitable. Whether we like it of not it will happen and if we refuse to evolve with change we run the risk like some of becoming obsolete. Remember video stores, kodak films, nokia and many others. Changing the way you think about change as it is happening, is a game changer that will change your life.

Hilary Saxton

Habit Hacking

Fine tuning yourself for success

Our lives are filled with tiny rituals that we repeat over and over. We call these habits, some of our habits are great and others not so great. Habit hacking is a fabulous way to implement new things into your world – your desired life rituals. You must choose to eliminate some of your bad habits and learn simple ways to implement good ones.

No Regrets 

The art of never looking back.

Remember Jim Careys ‘Yes Man’. Many of us think we make the most of life but in reality we don’t. There is a huge cost of what I call ‘Opportunity Lost’. When we are afraid to do things because of what others might think. Or we are scared of the unknown. or we are afraid of doing something wrong.

Nike has it right, just do it. Start living life with no regrets.

Better Thinking 

Body Building for your mind.

We look at Hilarys’ SOAR method to increasing self-confidence. This is invaluable and a great message to all. Discover the small things you can implement immediately and increase your self-confidence from today!

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