You know those times when you want to do something, and it seems too scary even to attempt. It is like a big orange monster and even thinking about it frightens you.

We all have them, from a conversation that needs to be had, leaving a job or relationship, website maintenance, dealing with family, going on a date or for some, entering a room filled with strangers. Many actions stop us in our tracks because we are afraid to do or deal with them as they appear scary. We don’t know if we will do it right, it is new to us, or we are unsure of the outcome. Whatever the reason these big scary orange monsters are detracting from our life and stopping us moving forward because we push them to the side and choose not to deal with them.

Yesterday I helped a client map out a social media strategy. He told me he had been struggling for months to post and needed to for his business. After I completed it, he used multiple platforms that day and realised it was not scary after all, and it was all in his head. He had been telling me all of the reasons (excuses) it was too difficult for him, and once I mapped it out and showed him how, he was all over it.

It is a situation that plagues us all at some time in our lives. Things appear more complicated than they are so we don’t do them, but in reality, they are not. It is a block we put up, and the issue is in our head.

So how do we deal with the big scary orange monster?

Firstly we acknowledge that we are afraid of them. Neuroscience has proven that when we do this, we dampen down the emotion, and our brain becomes more accepting of it. Then we look at what the worst-case scenario could be. Can you deal with that? In all cases the answer is yes, you can deal with anything as you would have dealt with worse. You will find that in the long term by not dealing with it you will be left in a worse situation. Next, you must prepare, and then take action with small steps.

Just like my client, it will be easier than you think and that big scary orange monster is in reality only a plastic statue temporarily placed to celebrate an event in your city, and if you wanted, you could sit on its knee.

So do that thing that you are putting off because you think it is scary. From working with hundreds of clients, I know you will experience relief.