The problem

We all have fears in our life and the problem is, that without realising, we welcome them in. We give them precedence over everything else and make them comfortable. They take over our thoughts and stop us from functioning effectively and moving forward. Basically they suck!

This morning I woke and something was on my mind, I had let it take precedence and gave it a level of importance it didn’t deserve. It was a fear that I didn’t need, and it was using too much space in my head. Thankfully so I recalled a technique I used to use, I applied it, and it worked.

The Remedy

I think of the fear as a squatter, a stranger who thinks it can move into my house (in this case my head) and the squatter does not expect to pay rent. That is something I would never allow to happen. Then I think to myself, you are not paying rent so you can go. It is that simple and it works. It is a pattern interrupt.

By kicking your fears out of your head you are rejecting them, you are stopping them at the door and they can’t move in. They are not welcome and you will not have the fear slowing you down or holding you back!

You have the power to do this, you always have. Try it.

Remember you are special and control your thoughts.