Listen to what others have to say

Kris McKartney – Automotive Industry Owner

Shaday Crumb – Health Enthusiast

Shannon Webb – Network Marketer

Bianca Reihana-Watts – Online Clothing Business

Jackie Paul – Gym Manager

Renata Langer – Salon Owner

Hilary Saxton Propert CoachCoach

R Brightwell –Manager NZI Insurance

I first engaged with Hilary in to undertake a ‘Communication and Change Seminar’ with our staff, focusing on personal development goals, and how we could better communicate with our customers, and meet their expectations. We then ran a second training session around ‘Change’ due to an impending restructure, which Hilary followed up over a period of time, with individual one on one conversations about implementing changes.

Hilary always gives 110% commitment to the objective at hand. She is highly professional and organised. As management, we witnessed some noticeable changes to behaviours and attitudes as a result of this training.

Ben Hickson – Rural Realestate Sales

I started in my new job in Real estate, something that I never saw myself ever doing or would want to do. Since this change I have wanted to try more avenues for learning and furthering my knowledge. After meeting Hilary and talking to her for 10 minutes I felt she would give me more tools to further my learning.

Having spent 12 weeks with Hilary I now recommend her to anyone I feel may benefit. I feel I have become a lot more aware of committing to what I say I will do – goals etc and more accountable as well. It may be simple to some but I will never forget the day I realised it, writing something down meant I was committing to it and at the same time made me think about how I was going to do it. She provides simple ideas to achieve your goals and gives you the encouragement to do it. Also she practices what she preaches!!!

Hilary has been really good to work with. Hilary keeps it simple and has a passion to see people succeed.

I have no hesitation in recommending her as a coach!

Eva Wehipeihana – Business Woman

Thank you!  I knew coming to see you would be good for me and I don’t regret any of it.

You made a huge impression on me years ago when I first met you and you were a personal trainer back then.  You impressed me with your passion, integrity and willingness to help others.

Nothing has changed except I think you have developed even better skills in your role as a life coach.  You have given me courage and a belief in myself which has, and will continue to help me move on by myself without my beloved Kevin – not easy but my time with you has made it easier.

My decision to see you is one of the best decisions I have made for myself- you’re an inspiration and long may you continue to help others!

Janine Gartner – Accounting Business Owner

Having had a weight problem for most of my adult life I recruited the services of Hilary Saxton to help me lose weight.  I had tried various Weight loss solutions before that have briefly worked but always struggled with knowledge and motivation to keep me on track and take me to my actual goal.  Since working with Hilary, her Life Coaching skills have not only empowered me to stick to my plan but also have managed to change my mindset so I am even enjoying the journey and achieving fantastic success.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to you for support with Weight loss as she has the expertise and motivation to make positive change to your body and life.

Cheers Jaye Clark – Beauty Business Owner

I first met Hilary Saxton at one of her powerful speaking presentations.

She really pressed my button for action, through her down to earth, realistic motivational message.

I worked with Hilary for one hour a week, over twelve weeks and have to say it was an excellent investment.

Hilary has a knack of unraveling goal confusion and making you responsible for driving your outcomes and actions.

Hilary’s positive bubbly personality is  inspirational in its self.

Thank you so much Hilary, we all should invest in ourselves.

Sharleigh Smith (not hard hitting) – Cheerleading Business

Hilary is a hard hitting no crap type of coach.

She has helped me steer my goals and vision into a product that I am excited about. Hilary has given me confidence in my business and will help you to see past your fears and make things happen.

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