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I work with people to greatly improve their performance and results.

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Capitalising on strengths

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Management Coaching

 I have also been very fortunate in that I was personally mentored by Hilary in my leadership role, and I believe that this support is what helped me to be successfully seconded into the Branch Manager role.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Hilary for a coaching position, and given another opportunity, would love to work with her again in the future.

Rachelle Brightwell – Insurance

Capitalising on Strengths

The power of the life coaching process, for me, is that it kept me on track in going for what I wanted. This meant that despite set backs, distractions and resistance, I was regularly held accountable.

 I chose to undertake this journey with Hilary because of her background in health. What I came to appreciate during our time together was her ability to hold me on course with gentleness, respect, and humour. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Hilary.

Nadeen Mitchell – Ostepoath

Escalating Confidence

Hilary has taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to and she’s right, I can! I have recently finished a Post Grad Diploma and have stood up in front of a room of people to present my findings.

 The old me would not have done that.I am a work in progress and I am a MASTERPIECES. It has been an amazing learning experience for me. Even though it has been hard at times… you have made it every easy for me.  You are the best life coach ever!!

Katherine Sullivan

"By using relevant neuroscience techniques you will have more effective learning experiences for your company training".

My training is relevant

I identify your learning outcomes for the company to ensure the training I deliver is relevant to your growth plans. Your people will be engaged in the learning experience.

My coaching is insightful

Through powerful coaching conversations I help facilitate your insights and aha moments. This self  awareness helps you to tip into your inner motivation to make positive change.

My coaching is practical

I enhance your learning process by introducing practical tools and strategies that you and your people can use to apply the new learning. This practical approach leads to behavioural changes and you taking positive action at work straight away.

My coaching is engaging

I create an appealing coaching environment by designing and developing content and activities that engage you and facilitate meaningful learning and growth. 

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