Hilary Saxton

Performance and Mindset Strategist

My ultimate super power is enabling people to do anything they want. I uncomplicate it so you don’t have to settle for a mediocre lifeand you can have what you want by imporving your performance and accelerating your results.

My Story


Today, I  motivate, train and coach people who crave knowledge and success in their Property and Business life. They want financial freedom and the time flexibility it will give them.

I have had a varied career in property and business spanning more than 25 years. By taking an upfront, honest approach towards both people and process issues, I get to the heart of the matter, analysing all elements to determine where the obvious and hidden issues are. I then provide simple solutions through incremental and transformational change, that deliver the success my clients want and need. 

The three main problems I see people come up against when it comes to achieving the results they want is:

1. Lack of Strategy.

2. Lack of Knowledge.

3. Lack of Confidence.


Through my 5 step Focus Method I help people:

  • Become unstuck from bad habits getting you nowhere and become motivated so you can feel proud of yourself.
  • Through the FOCUS method you will stop procrastinating so you can move forward and be that high performer that you know is in you.
  • The FOCUS method will show you how to follow through so you can close distracting brain loops and start to feel more like a winner.
  • You will do what you say you are going to do so you can be committed to high performance and have pride in yourself again.
  • Take action through knowing with clarity and confidence what you want with a FOCUS mindset.

If you are struggling to get started, not seeing results fast enough, stressed due to an overload of commitments  and need help balancing things then give me a call.

Credentials Include​

Certified Neuroleadership Coach

DISC Advanced Trainer and Educator

Certificate in Adult Teaching


Diploma HR and Marketing

Authentic Education - Present Like A Pro - Professional Presenter Training

Authentic Education - Inspire to Buy - Professional Sales Training

Hilary Saxton Coach
Hilary Saxton Coach

My Approach

I work with people in Property and Business to help them formulate a strategy, equip them with the knowledge they require and build within them the confidence they need to succeed.

You will shift your mindset and change your habits which will greatly improve your performance.

“My ultimate super power is enabling  people to do anything they want. I uncomplicate it so you don’t have to settle for a mediocre life so you can have what you want now.”

Top 5 Gallop Strengths

  • Strategic

  • Communication

  • Woo

  • Significance

  • Competition

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