I’m Hilary Saxton

Performance and Mindset Coach

Want to improve your performance and accelerate your results in Property or Business? 

Let me help you today

I make the seemingly difficult and complex more achievable by:

1. I help you clarify what you want to achieve.

2. Together we will create an actionable plan.

3. Breaking down your plan into bite-sized chunks. 

Achieving your potential doesn’t mean doing more, it means doing it better..​

Anyone who experiences success in life has had help.

  •  Is there something you would really love to do but don’t know where to start.
  • Do you get started and then get distracted? Do you have the best of intentions but run out of time?

  • I am your solution, you are reading this for a reason. 


Humorous, Engaging and Entertaining


Connection, Education and Inspiration

Coaching and Training

 Maximising Personal Performance

My ability to make the hard or scary stuff look easy is my gift. If you’ve got obstacles in the way let me take them off your ‘To-Do’ list.

I believe we are all capable of so much more and will show you how to achieve anything you want to. I will get you taking the steps you need,  focusing on what’s important, moving past what’s holding you stuck and showing that it’s possible to have anything you want. 

About Me

I am a coach and keynote speaker and I work with people to show them how they can do and have whatever they want. You don’t have to be confined by someone else’s normal, you can create your own and I will show you exactly how.

You can shift your mindset and change your habits to a high performer.

“My ultimate super power is enabling  people to do anything they want. I uncomplicate it so you don’t have to settle for a mediocre life so you can have what you want now.

7 Proven Steps To Getting Started On That Goal You've Been Putting Off

What others have to say

“Having spent 12 weeks with Hilary I now recommend her to anyone I feel may benefit. I feel I have become a lot more aware of committing to what I say I will do – goals etc and more accountable as well. She provides simple ideas to achieve your goals and gives you the encouragement to do it. Also she practices what she preaches!!!” Ben Hickson

“Hilary Saxton is one powerful speaker.

She really pressed my button for action, through her down to earth, realistic motivational message.

Hilary has a knack of unraveling goal confusion and making you responsible for driving your outcomes and actions.

Hilary’s positive bubbly personality is  inspirational in its self.” Jaye Clark

You made a huge impression on me years ago when I first met you and you were a personal trainer back then.  You impressed me with your passion, integrity and willingness to help others. 

My decision to see you is one of the best decisions I have made for myself- you’re an inspiration and long may you continue to help others!” Eva Wehipeihana

Anything is possible and I am here to help you get it done.



The habits and behaviours you do today decide who you become tomorrow. Right now you are the outcome of the repeated habits and behaviours you perform, or don’t perform regularly.

So how can I help you?

If you were to look ahead 5 years from now and see the future you based on what you are currently doing, how do you look?

Are you okay with what you see or do you want more?

  • What if you were to tweak a few habits and change a few behaviours, just small things, that over time would make a huge difference?
  • What if you were to learn a new skill, take the steps to achieve that thing you really want and think about so often?
  • What if those steps were really small and as you were were taking them you were surprised about how easy they were?
  • Would that make you feel amazing, satisfied and like things were happening for you?

7 Proven Steps To Getting Started On That Goal You’ve Been Putting Off